Trust Us to Recycle Responsibly

Turn to us for electronic recycling in the Louisville, KY area

You can avoid taking part in illegal trash dumping by partnering with JunkWorx. We offer electronic recycling and hazardous material disposal services. You can trust us to safely throw out your electronics, heavy items, shingles and old paint. We'll do it the right way, so you can feel safe leaving your junk in our hands.

Call 502-276-5244 now to get a free estimate on electronic recycling or hazardous material disposal services in the Louisville, KY area.

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Find out more about how we recycle

Are you wondering how we discard your items in a way that's safe for the environment? We frequently:

  • Repurpose lumber from old barns we demolish
  • Take old tires to a tire recycling company
  • Discard hazardous materials at a licensed disposal sites
We know the best places to take your items, so you don't have to worry about illegal dumping with us. Ask us any questions about our recycling services when you speak with our owner today.