How much does junk removal cost?

Junk Removal is typically based on volume. A single couch can cost approx $65 to haul away. A full basement cleanout could be a couple hundred dollars. Our unit of measurement that we try to use is based on how much stuff might fit in the back of a pickup truck then to figure $100 per truck load. This will get you close in the estimate. We always offer free estimates!

Will your junk removal company throw all of my stuff away?

JunkWorx will always try to recycle, reuse or repurpose before throwing anything into a landfill. As the owner of the company, I grew up recycling and reusing and still carry those traits daily, even to the point that I'll spend extra time to recycle, even if it costs me money.

What do I do with items that I don't want to keep but also don't want to throw away?

If items are in good shape, you can always donate those to various places around town, such as ministries, shelters, or even businesses like Goodwill.

What if your trucks cannot fit in my small residential area?

We utilize a pickup truck with a 12ft dump trailer. I have yet to find an area that we absolutely cannot fit in. Worst case scenario, we will just use the pickup truck to shuttle items to our trailer.

Do I have to do any heavy lifting myself?

Nope! All you have to do is point us to the items you want gone, we do the rest.

What kind of junk will you remove?

We haul off just about anything. There are additional steps we must take for hazardous materials, such as paint, fuel, tires and also heavy items, such as concrete or brick. We have places or recycling centers we can take this stuff to, but there might be an additional cost due to the nature of the items. The only items we won't haul away would be bio-hazardous materials and large quantities of hazmat (such as a 55 gallon drum of oil).

Who will be working at my home?

As the owner of the company, I handle every job that we currently have. As time goes on and I hire more people to handle these projects, I have a strict vetting process. I will only hire people that I trust in my house first, before I put them in yours.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We carry a $1 million General Liability policy along with commercial auto and workers comp policies.

How do I book an appointment?

The best way for us would be for you to fill out the form on our website. This allows us to better manage our clients. HOWEVER, whatever works for you! Call or text 502 276 5244 or email sales@junkworx.pro.

Is anything too big for you to remove?

Nope! As a junk removal and demolition company, we have the equipment to remove large items. We can even tear your house, garage or shed down and haul that away too.

What type of payment do you accept?

At this time, we accept cash, check, card and online payment methods such as PayPal and Venmo.

What if I cannot be home during the service?

If the items you need hauled away are outside, please just send us a detailed message (adding photos definitely helps) of what you need hauled away. We will come by and grab those items. We then take a photo showing they are gone and you send us the payment. If items are inside, we do require an adult to allow us to come in and retrieve those.